Hello, 2015.

Just sitting by the fire-- post-waffles, mid-coffee, pre black-eyed peas--starting my first company.
Just sitting by the fire–post waffles, mid coffee, pre black-eyed peas–starting my first company.

I’m a pretty positive person, but even I will admit that 2014 wasn’t a great year. And that’s fine; they can’t all be winners, can they? But I’m taking a more active role in making 2015 better. My master plan? Start being creative again. I got sad, and I stopped making things. But that’s lame, and I’m over it.

I’ve been making paper crafts for myself for years. I’m going to start making them for other people. For money. Not a lot of money, probably, but maybe some. So, I started a new company, The Slate Haven Collection, to sell my work. Theres a backstory to the name, and maybe someday I’ll tell you about it.

I like to make all kinds of things. Note cards. Invites. Announcements. Banners. Books. Envelopes. Bags. Boxes. Tags. Place cards. I make generic things–thank you cards; Hello, Sugar! cards; Let’s talk. cards–for purchase today, but I also like to personalize things. My granddaddy used to tell me the sweetest thing anyone can hear is his or her own name. That’s why you have to listen carefully when you meet someone, he said. If you have a name, I’ll be happy to put it on paper for you. How great is that?

I also sew and embroider and knit and paint, so some of that might make its way onto the Etsy page someday, too. But I’ll start slow and focus on paper. Pretty paper, rough paper, shiny paper, patterned paper, pliable paper, translucent paper, punctured paper, recycled paper, brown paper, white paper, wedding paper, multicolored paper, fancy paper, thick paper, plain paper, my paper, becoming your paper.

Thats the origin story of the Collection. Hope you like my crafts.

Happy new year, sugar.