Getting to work

So now that Christmas crafting is over, I’m working on new projects. I started practicing lettering. I got a lot of practice a few years ago when I designed and created my wedding stationery. But it’s been a little while since I picked up the old fountain pen. (Do you have to say “ye olde” when referring to a fountain pen?)

For my wedding, I used really formal Art Deco style lettering. Between invitations, envelopes, rehearsal invites, menus, and all the other little bits of paper I used, I got really good at that style of writing. Lots of ink and lots of scrap paper. But I admit I now need lots of practice on my other styles.

I made a goal for myself to try a different style every day. I even pulled out the lettering books I got as a kid (my love of calligraphy goes back to the awkward days of middle school. See? Not everything from those years is a bad memory.) I noticed that my work is getting more consistent as I go forward. Aside from making up my own styles and working on classical, formal styles, I also checked out some lettering blogs, like thepostmansknock. It was nice to see some new approaches to getting comfortable with lettering again. Lindsey’s faux calligraphy post was great for remembering how to trust my own style. And it’s a lot more fun than practicing downstrokes over and over and over again like a 19th-century schoolchild.

Here’s my week in calligraphy projects:








(Yeah, it’s been that kind of a Thursday.

And yeah, I know I messed up the E. It’s. Been. That. Kind. Of. A. Thursday.)


If only there were a hobbit hole for me. But I suppose there is, and it’s called Saturday. Happy weekend, everyone.


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